Quality as a factor of competitiveness becomes increasingly evident as the client presents more aware and more demanding about what to buy. Having assimilated this reality, in Porseg we strive to offer more and better for less cost, in order to conquer our customers, in a logic of Continuous Improvement.



The Quality Management System of Porseg, based on the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008, has as main activities: the definition of work processes that include all the activities of the company, the preparation of documents such as the system manual, processes, work instructions and others, and the archiving of all registers that evidence the compliance of our products and the competence of our employees. All these activities aim to ensure confidence in our products and minimize the occurrence of faults, engaging actions whenever they occur.

Porseg is certified by ISO 9001, since 1999. We were the first national company of this industry to obtain this certification.

Under the concept of quality implemented by Porseg we assure that our products have quality, being certified by the highest authorities in the industry of security, fire and compartmentation.

More than an objective quality is for us a commitment to our customers.


Porseg understands that only through good internal organization and close connection between the different sectors, be accomplished the objectives that are proposed, such as:

1. All the team company, from the general management to workers must participate for a positive Quality image.

2. The success of the management system depends on the participation of all employees in all phases of the process, from market prospecting to installation and after sales service, obviously passing through the entire production process. The idea of doing it right at the first time and pass the job well done to the next stage should be well inculcated in the mind of each employee, contributing to continuous improvement.

3. Being the workers essential to the success of Porseg, their continuous and appropriate training is ensured.

4. The evolution of the system is ensured by a recurrence prevention culture and root cause analysis, internal audit, customer satisfaction assessment, among others, therefore fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements as well as the customer.

5. Porseg also has a commitment to pollution prevention, application of best practices and best available technologies where economically feasible.


Provide the most advanced solutions in safety and security systems.



To be a leader in the national market, progressively conquering the international market in the areas of activity.


Miguel Rebello de Andrade